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Sith Redemption

The Order of the Sith Online!

.:: Sith Membership ::.

""Always two there are, no more and no less. A master and an apprentice."

Join meJoin us! The Order of the Sith is always looking to increase it's ranks. If you think you have what it takes to become a Sith lord then contact us. The Sith Council will then decide your fate! There are only two requirements to join: 1) You must be close friends with an existing member of the Order. If you do not know anyone in the Order then you can apply by email to become a Sith Online Padawan. 2) You must own an impressive, most impressive Star Wars collection.

.:: Sith Council & Founding Members ::.

Sith lord Darth Rob
Youth Pastor and Web Designer @ Large! Email Here!

Sith lord Darth Paul
Husband, Father, Writer, Musician, and Star Wars Monopoly & Trivia Champion. Email Here!

Sith lord Darth Steffan
Founder of the Narrow Path Ministry. "The Most Extreme Music with the Most Extreme Message!" Illuminating the Underground...with Jesus! email him for more info: Email Here!

Sith lord Darth Bryan
Computer guru, college student, and all around nice guy. Loves Drama, Music, Jesus, and Chicks (especially the Knut's step-sis!) Email Here!

.:: Sith lords ::.

Darth Eli
Darth Eli comes to us with a rich background in the dark Jedi arts from his home world of Ignacio. He's a faithful brother from the early days of the old Vintage Order whose collection has recently grown, thus making him a powerful ally.  He's a talented guitar player and use to share living quarters with Darth Bryan. Email addy coming soon.

Darth "Chewie" Chris
An apprentice of lord RPG, Wookie Sith lord Darth Chewie is from the dreaded East Quadrant where the violence of the area has made him strong and powerful, especially in football and wrestling! Email Here!

Darth Valence
He likes to ask questions about life, Star Wars & God. Darth Valence viewed E2 with Darth Rob and others at the midnight premiere on May 16th, 2002. Email Here!

Darth DLo
Our newest member. A telecommunications specialist, DLo governs our Orlando, FL chapter. Possesses a most impressive collection and knows Jedi Jaci personally. More to come! Email Coming Soon!

.:: Sith Online Apprentices ::.

Quote: "I am glad to finally be able to initiate contact with my long lost bretheren and I seek to rejoin your esteemed order. I am unfortunately not a close friend to any of the members as Sith have no real friends and a whole galaxy of distance lies between us."

Darth Bane
A master of his own Sith domain (The New Order of the Sith). Quote: "Pray the darkside embraces you..."

Richard Parker
Although he doesn't know anyone on the Sith council, he does have a large Star Wars collection, agrees with the Sith manifesto, and was determined to become a Sith lord to explore the power of the dark side. A worthy adversary.

Quote: "When I left you, I was but the learner, NOW I am the MASTER"

Self proclaimed "Ultimate Star Wars Fan." He is eagar to chat with other SW collectors and fans.

Lord Rage
From the Tacome, Washington region, Rage is a former member of the old Sith Symposium, has an impressive collection, enjoys drawing, sports, reading, and Star Wars. Quote: "...There is only the Sith..." URL: Sith Training Center Email:

Sith historian, owns the entire line of Bantam Specter Star Wars books, has an extreme amount of knowledge about the Star Wars Universe and thus could be helpful finding information. His ship is a modified YT-2400. URL: StevesStarWarsBooks Email:



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