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.:: The Order of the Sith Online! ::.
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"That place is strong with the dark side of the Force.
A domain of evil it is. In you must go!"

>>>The Order of the Sith was established in Colorado, USA in the year 2000 to assist my friends who have Star Wars collections and as a way to fellowship with each other. We also exist to illuminate the SW community with true knowledge of the Living Force.
We would be honored if you would join us...

.:: Sith Meetings & Dark Side Events ::.

May 16, 2002
The Sith Brethren to view Episode II on opening night after camping out in line to buy tickets. Plan to camp out now!

Episode II Toys Hit The Shelves! [ More! >>]

Check out these Star Wars Guitars!! Ad sent to me by Ricky Tes (thanks, man!). [ Click Here! >>]

Episode II - They're Already Lining Up! [ More! >> ]

The Order of the Sith Welcomes NEW Member: Darth Chris aka Darth Chewy! AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Wars Marathon @ J.D.'s. We watched Episode 1 & 4-6 back2back! No Zzzzzz's! Sith lord Darth RPG was victorious that night!

STAR WARS: Episode I: The Phantom Menace released on DVD!

"STAR WARS, Episode II - Attack of the Clones" title released.
(Moments later, Darth RPG comes up with "Attack of the Chonés!") LOL!

The return of Sith lord Darth RPG to Colorado.

Sith lord Darth RPG leaves Colorado for the sunny California coast.

"The Order of the Sith Online" web site launched! At last we will have revenge!
.:: Sith Membership - Join Us! ::.

"Always two there are, no more and no less. A master and an apprentice."

Two requirements to join:
1) Must be close friends with an existing member of the club.
2) Must own a huge Star Wars collection.

>>>The Sith Council & Founding Members:
Darth Rob  /   Darth Paul  /   Darth Steffan  /   Darth Bryan

>>>New Members:
Darth Valence / Darth "Chewy" Chris / Darth Eli

>>>Sith Online Padawans:
Sithgoose  /  Darth Bane  /  Richard Parker  /  SITHLORDSKYWALKER
darth_jimdog  /  Lord Rage  /  Darth Steve

Contact one of the "Sith Council Members" for details on membership.
.:: Contact Us If You Dare! ::.

Move out of the asteroid field so you can send a clear transmission.
Click below to initiate communications with us.

>>> email the Sith lords!

or send us an instant message:

AOL IM: sithlorddarthrpg
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo: theorderofthesith

Since Dec 30, 2000

Darth's Delights

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Plus much more coming soon!

God Bless America


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- Obi Juan

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