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Uplifting messages and heavy music don't usually hang in the same moshpit, but San Diego's Payable On Death are
one group that rock outside the boundaries of the norm. Taking the riffs of the devil, the reggae of Jah, the hip-hop
of the streets and the Latin spice of the barrio (all held together by the spiritual adhesive of Christianity), P.O.D. play
like Baskin-Robbins, bringing thirty-one flavors of refreshing crunch to the struggling youth of the struggling world.
Though they wear their spirituality on their tattoo sleeves, the multi-culti quartet has built a following on a foundation
of solid musical interplay honed over the course of three independent albums and 1999's breakthrough major label
release The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. 2001's Satellite goes on a songwriting journey that spans the
emotional gamut from rage to reflection, not unlike a well -known book that goes from creation to destruction.





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