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.:: deliriou5? ::.

Delirious?: Pop Music's Best Kept Secret!

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.:: September 11, 2001 ::.

"What happened in America yesterday has made the nations

of the world stand still. It is often when we are standing still

that the God of heaven speaks and brings us to our knees.

Today as people who 'believe' or not we know we all 'belong'

and must unite to 'sing a new song' in this time of tragedy."

[09.12.01] +martin smith
.:: Delirious is? ::.

Martin Smith - Vocals & Guitars

Stuart Garrard - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, "Acid Pad" Audio Editing

Tim Jupp - Keyboards & Additional Programming

John Thatcher - Bass Guitars

Stewart Smith - Drums, Percussion, & Backing Vocals

.:: d: discography ::.

Deeper, The D:finitive Worship Experience (2001)

Audio Lessonover? (2001)

GLO (2000)

Mezzamorphis (1999)

King of Fools (1997)

Cutting Edge Vol1 (1997)

Cutting Edge Vol2 (1997)

d:tour 1997 live (1997)

Live and in the Can (1996)

.:: d: news ::.

[04.05.02] +sithlorddarthrpg

d:tour: Arvada, CO

Last Night I was blessed enough to have my third live experience with d: in Arvada, Colorado. The sold out show was packed with 2000 people; not only were all the seats full, but also all the aisles! I almost didn't go because I failed to get tickets before it sold out, but a friend called at a few hours before the show and offered me a ticket! The Lord knew I wanted to go I guess, eh? Anyway, as usual d: was amazing! Everything was perfect: the mix, the lighting and the video effects. I was pleasantly suprised to see them do a 5 song encore and even more suprised to hear that they are releasing (OMG) a spanish album!!!

[04.04.02] +timjupp

d:tour: Arvada, CO

Check out Tim Jupp's tour diary entry for the Arvada show! [More ›››]

[10.09.01] +martin smith

Deeper: The D:finitive Worship Experience.

Sparrow Records, our label in the USA, have compiled a collection of the most popular worship songs from the "Cutting Edge", "King of Fools" and "Mezzamorphis" albums. To give the record an extra sparkle we went back into the studio and recorded brand new versions of the classics,"Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?", "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever", "Lord You Have My Heart", and a new song called "Not Forgotten"......which we are sure you are going to love. The finished product sounds fantastic and has been entitled "Deeper, The D:finitive Worship Experience".

Click here for Concert and Ticket Information
d: concert tickets

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