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DeliriousWelcome to my tribute to the greatest band in the world; Delirious? I first heard of Delirious? back in the Fall of 1997 while I was attending Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. In my principles of Praise and Worship class, Lindell Cooley (instructor and worship leader) shared a magazine article about the band and explained how in his opinion, they had acquired the annointing that was meant for U2. That day in the classroom we listened to "History Maker" and "Friend Forever." The class of about 1000 students was blown away. I've been a d:votee ever since...

.:: September 11, 2001 ::.

"What happened in America yesterday has made the nations

of the world stand still. It is often when we are standing still

that the God of heaven speaks and brings us to our knees.

Today as people who 'believe' or not we know we all 'belong'

and must unite to 'sing a new song' in this time of tragedy."

[09.12.01] +martin smith

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